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Wedding Cake Facts

Price: £1220.00

Price Breakdown:

4″ Round Polystyrene Dummy – £20.00

6″ Round Coconut and Chocolate – £65.00

8″ Round Dense Chocolate and Salted Caramel – £105.00

8″ Round Dense Chocolate and Salted Caramel – £105.00

10″ Round Dorset Apple with Dulce De Leche – £135.00

12″ Round White Chocolate and Raspberry – £185.00

12″ Round White Chocolate and Raspberry – £185.00

14″ Polystyrene Dummy – £100.00

Flowers – £240

Additional Decorating Time – 80.00

Portion Guide: 220

Woodland Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Project Brief

As rustic cakes continue in popularity, our customer wanted a cake with natural colours and a woodland theme for their rustic wedding. We came up with this design with a tree log effect and used multiple tiers in different sizes to give it a modern, natural feel. This cake was huge and to give it the woodland feel, we created lots of flowers and folliage and applied moss randmonly over the cake to simulate nature. To enhance the theme further, we also added some gorgeous little mushrooms and toadstools - all made out of sugar!

How We Made The Wedding Cake

We first needed to create the flowers ahead of time. We cut out individual petals and arranged them around a bud, then used some wired petals to build larger flowers. For the mushrooms, we crafted the shapes and allowed them to set, before colouring them with dust to bring them to life. All our decorations were set aside, while we baked the cakes. Several sized pans and mixes were used and once baked and cooled we filled them with our lovely flavour fillings. We added the rustic look to the edge of the cake and painted it to look tree-like. Finally the cake was assembled and the flowers and other decorations added to complete the look.

Wedding Cake Ingredients

As this was a large cake we used several flavours for the tiers. Lemon and raspberry sponge with lemon buttercream, white chocolate and raspberry, a vanilla sponge with rasberries filled with soft white chocolate ganache, dense chocolate cake with salted caramel and chocolate ganache filling, coconut sponge with rich ganache filling and our final tier is our popular Dorset apple cake with dulce de leche filling.

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