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Wedding Cake Facts

Price: £587.99

Price Breakdown:

10″ Round Polystyrene Dummy – £30.00

12″ Square Double Height Chocolate – £380.00

Hat- £10.00

Clock Detailing – £40

Cogs – £80.00

Flowers – £17.99

Painted Detailing – £20.00

Further Embellishments – £10.00

Portion Guide: 140

Steampunk Inspired Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Project Brief

It is very rare that we get to do a wedding cake that is so heavily themed, however when it came to doing a "steampunk Inspired" wedding cake we jumped at the chance!

The Bride and Groom gave us free range to do what we liked with the design and we straight away set about researching the various design elements. Once we had decided on colour schemes and which elements we wanted to include and which elements we felt were too outlandish for a wedding cake we made a start on the cake.

How We Made The Wedding Cake

There were a lot of elements to this cake, and one of the biggest were the cogs. Once we had moulded and set the individual cogs we then began the process of painting them in our chosen metallic colours.

We decided an old fashioned clock face would work well with the theme, Because of how we wanted the aesthetics of the cake to look we chose to use a polystyrene cake dummy for the "clock". Once the painting was finished we decided that a gold trim would finish the design properly.

As it was for a wedding we decided that a flower would be a nice finishing touch, so we set about making an oversized peony to lay on top of the cake.

Wedding Cake Ingredients

We were very happy that our Bride and Groom were big chocolate fans, they chose a rich chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate ganache. Not only was this a fantastic option for a dessert, but it was a perfect base cake for us to work on as it is always better made a few days in advance. This gave us the time we needed to add our finishing touches.

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