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Wedding Cake Facts

Price: £790

Price Breakdown:

4″ Round Polystyrene Dummy – £10.00

6″ Hexagonal Coconut and Chocolate – £95.00

8″ Hexagonal Chocolate – £110.00

8″ Hexagonal Chocolate – £110.00

10″ Hexagonal White Chocolate and Raspberry – £185.00

12″ Round Polystyrene Dummy – £50.00

Flowers – £160.00

Additional Decorating Time – £70.00

Portion Guide: 100

Modern Purple Painted Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Project Brief

Some of our customers want to move away from the traditional white cake and have something colourful and modern. For this couple, we designed a cake with bright pops of colour and interesting tiers by playing with shapes and textures. We matched the cake to the colours of the wedding by using shades found in the bridesmaids dresses and the flowers, working colour into the hand painted details and sugar flowers.

How We Made The Wedding Cake

For this cake, all the sugar flowers are hand made. This takes time, skill and patience to create as we cut out and mould all the individual flowers. We try to be as close to the real flower as we can and our specialist decorators will work on a number of different flower styles. To create the hexagonal painted tier, we applied square tiles to the cake that we carefully measured for a clean, perfect fit on the cake. Once dry these were then painted in a watercolour meadow scene and allowed to dry before stacking. The other tiers were covered in sugarpaste and stacked. Once the cake was assembled we added the flowers in a beautiful arrangement and added the bright pink ribbon to finish it off.

Wedding Cake Options

To maximise your budget, we can offer other flavour options. You may wish to apply fresh flowers to your cake and match your wedding flowers. As the tiles on the painted tier add to the time and cost of the cake, we could paint directly on to and iced white hexagonal cake.

Wedding Cake Ingredients

Our vanilla sponge cake is filled with jam and fluffy buttercream. We add raspberries to our vanilla mix and fill it with white chocolate ganache for the bottom tier! Our chocolate cake is a fudgy chocolate sponge filled with a rich chocolate ganache. Our coconut cake is a coconut sponge also filled with rich chocolate ganache. For shaped tiers and larger bottom tiers we suggest using a ganached cake for extra stability.

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