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Wedding Cake Facts

Price: £475

Price Breakdown:

6″ Square Vanilla = £60.00

8″ Square Coconut = £105.00

8″ Square Chocolate = £95.00

8″ Square Chocolate = £95.00

Additional Decoration Time = £95.00

Portion Guide: 110

Japanese Lantern Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Project Brief

Modern wedding cakes are moving away from the traditional and now come in all shapes and sizes as well as novelty themes. After getting engaged in Japan's cherry blossom gardens, our couple chose to carry the cherry blossom theme into their wedding and wanted a cake with a unique design. We came up with the idea of a Japanese lantern, painted with water colour landscape scenes on each side, and decorated with delicate cherry blossom flowers and oriental fans.

How We Made The Wedding Cake

The dimensions of a cake like this a particularly important. To get the height of the cake in the right proportions and to get a clean edge, we spend a lot of time leveling and covering our cakes to make it as perfect as we can. The finish of the cake under the decorations ensures the final look of the cake is to a professional standard and allows for neat decorating work. Once the cake is covered in sugarpaste, it is allowed to set to a hard finish for painting. Using edible paints, our cake is painted with a landscape on each side, using designs the couple chose from souveniers of their holiday. Each side of the cake had a different picture and took over an hour each to paint by hand. Over the front of the cake we wanted to

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