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Wedding Cake Facts

Price: £545.00

Price Breakdown:

6″ Round Chocolate Fudge – £55.00

6″ Round Chocolate Fudge – £55.00

8″ Round Raspberry and White Chocolate – £105.00

10″ Round Polystyrene Dummy – £50.00

Flowers – £120

Additional Decorating Time – £160.00

Portion Guide: 62

Gold and Teal Sequin Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Project Brief

Sequin cakes have exploded onto the cake decorating scene in the last year and so we knew that it wouldn't be too long before we were asked to make one. Our couple had a teal theme for their day with gold accents and so for their cake, we let the gold sequins take center stage! We added them over the cake and scattered on the bottom tier for a big impact!

How We Made The Wedding Cake

This cake was covered in hundreds of edible sequins and we hand cut out all the of little round circles needed to cover the cake. We then moved on to making wired flowers for the cake by attaching individual petals to a wire and bringing them together to create a flower. Each of our flowers can take up to two or so hours to create! When the decorations are complete, we bake our cakes to ensure they are as fresh as possible. The cakes are then cooled, filled and covered. Once covered the cakes are stacked, we then decorate it with all our edible sequins and arrange the flowers in a spray over the cake.

Wedding Cake Ingredients

Our chocolate fudge cake is a chocolate recipe filled with rich chocolate ganache. Our raspberry and white chocolate is a vanilla based sponge with added raspberries, filled with creamy white chocolate ganache.

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