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Wedding Cake Facts

Price: £340

Price Breakdown:

6″ Round Vanilla – £50.00

8″ Round Lemon and Raspberry – £95.00

10″ Round White Chocolate and Raspberry – £115.00

12″ Round Polystyrene Dummy – £50.00

Additional Decoration time – £30.00

Portion Guide: 72

Colours of Love Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Project Brief

For this cake, the couple wanted a very simple cake with a bright pop of colour. They knew that they wanted to have LOVE written on the cake, but were not sure how to make the cake bright and include the wording. Our idea was to make a simple white cake and put a letter on each tier. Rather than adding colour to the cake tiers, we suggested colouring the lettering, as the couple did not want to include any flowers or other embellishments on the cake.

How We Made The Wedding Cake

We started with a white four tier cake and stacked it ready for decorating. A template was created for each letter and we cut them out of thinly rolled paste to create a letter plaque. Once dry, the scroll and line work in the lettering was painted in four bright colours to stand out against the white backdrop. The letters were attached to the front of the cake and offset to one side for an alternative look. The tiers were completed by adding bright yellow ribbon to match the rest of the colour scheme.

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