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Wedding Cake Facts

Price: £455

Price Breakdown:

6″ Round Vanilla & Raspberry cake with white Chocolate ganache – £70.00

8″ Round Double Height Vanilla & Raspberry cake with white Chocolate ganache – £210.00

Button detailing (2 days work) – £160.00

Gold Painted Rose – £15.00

Portion Guide: 60

Button Themed Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Project Brief

Very often we find that our Bride and Groom don’t always want a large, traditional three tier cake and instead want something a little more fun, and of course, pretty to look at, this button cake was the perfect example of this.

Buttons were the theme for this wedding as well as a gold colour scheme. So as not to make the cake look over the top we decided to use the gold as an accent colour and instead used the colour on the large sugar rose only

How We Made The Wedding Cake

The buttons are all individually pressed and moulded from sugar paste; once they are dried they are all individually placed onto the cake.

The large sugar rose was also done in advance, with delicate petals it was left to dry thoroughly before being painted in edible gold paint.

Wedding Cake Ingredients

Due to it being a smaller cake the Bride and Groom decided to keep the cake to one flavour, they chose a vanilla and raspberry cake with a white chocolate ganache.

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