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Wedding Cake Facts

Price: £435

Price Breakdown:

6″ Round Lemon Cake – £50.00

6″ Round Lemon Cake – £50.00

8″ Round White Chocolate and Raspberry Cake – £105.00

12″ Round Chocolate Fudge Cake – £160.00

Sugar Beach Hut – £15.00

Signage and Fencing – £20.00

Painting Time – £25.00

Seagulls and Shells – £10.00

Portion Guide: 106

Beach Themed Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Project Brief

We have seen so many beach wedding cakes living in our beautiful Bournemouth beach surroundings, however we decided that with this cake we would go for something a little more subtle. We were asked to create an artistic interpretation of a beach theme, with the main element being a beach hut.

How We Made The Wedding Cake

There are quite a lot of separate elements involved in this cake. We started with the beach hut first, the entire structure is made from sugar so had to be cut and dried before being placed together. The fencing is also cut and dried before being put in place.

Once covered the cake is then hand painted with edible food paints, with tiny seagulls being hand modeled and painted before being placed on top of the beach hut and fencing.

The cake is then personalised with the bride and grooms wedding date.

Wedding Cake Ingredients

The customer asked us to create a wedding cake that could be used as a dessert. For the base layer we baked a decadent chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate ganache.

For the second layer we baked a vanilla and raspberry cake filled with white chocolate ganache.

For the top tier and two smaller cakes we baked a lemon drizzle cake filled with a vanilla buttercream, all of which could be served with a raspberry coulis.

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