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Wedding Cake Facts

Price: £485.00

Price Breakdown:

6″ Round Lemon and Raspberry – £65.00

6″ Round White Chocolate and Raspberry – £70.00

8″ Round Chocolate and Salted Caramel – £105.00

8″ Round Coconut and Chocolate – £85.00

Flowers £160.00

Portion Guide: 75

Autumn Flowers Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Project Brief

Our customer was getting married in the autumn and wanted a cake which tied in with her colour scheme. Blues and oranges are not a usual wedding cake pairing, however this cake shows that often colours which contrast, yet still got together, can make for a beautiful centerpiece. This cake is an extended two tier cake which works well with the colours chosen and gives a striking modern look.

How We Made The Wedding Cake

Most of the work on this cake was centered around the flower spray. All our flowers are handmade and each can take several hours to create. We made a lovely spray of stunning flowers and used several orange and yellow colours to give it a natural look. For extended tier cakes, we bake several sponges and put them together to give it height. Once the cake was covered and stacked, the flower spray was then added into place. We added a striking ribbon effect to the bottom tier and added an orange ribbon to complete the look.

Wedding Cake Ingredients

Our lemon and raspberry cake is a vanilla and lemon sponge with raspberries, filled and coated with lemon curd buttercream. Four our white chocolate and raspberry cake, we add raspberries to vanilla sponge and fill the cake with creamy white chocolate ganache. The chocolate and salted caramel cake is a lovely chocolate sponge filled with rich chocolate ganache and a layer of salted caramel sauce. Finally we have a coconut sponge filled with rich chocolate ganache.

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