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Quick Cake Facts

Price: £120

Used For: Workaholics!

Portion Guide: 45

Wow Factor: Miniature office equipment!

Messy Desk Cake

Cake Project Brief

Our brief for this cake was to make a replica of someones busy office desk to celebrate a birthday and remind them what a workaholic they are! Working with the customer, we made lots of tiny edible details and planned out where they would be situated on the cake to give them as much of a likeness to the true desk as possible.

We loved how this cake turned out!

How We Made The Cake

There are lots of sugar details on this cake, from miniature calculators, to 3d laptops, books and paperwork. We hand cut out all the shapes, buttons and Most of the models are made ahead of time by our expert cake decorators, taking several hours to craft and set aside to dry so they can be added later on. We then made the 3d desk so that it would be able to hold the sugar work on top. The cake is baked in our shop afterwards to ensure that it is fresh as possible and then covered in white sugarpaste. We allow the cake to set before adding the desk for stability. Once the desk is set in place, we add the office equipment and hand paint the birthday message to complete the look.

Cake Ingredients

Our cake was baked using our vanilla sponge recipe, filled with jam and buttercream.

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