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Quick Cake Facts

Price: £200

Used For: Sweet Fans!

Portion Guide: 54

Wow Factor: Bright Colours

Arthur’s Sweet Cake

Cake Project Brief

Our customer wanted a big, bright birthday cake with lots of colours and a sweets theme to celebrate their son's birthday. We designed this cake to be over the top, bright and covered in sweets!!!

How We Made The Cake

Rather than simply adding sweets to the cake, we decided to make most of them out of sugar! We loved making all the retro looking sweets and lollipops out of bright colours. We set the decorations aside to dry for adding to the cake later. Our cakes were then baked and left to cool before filling, covering and stacking. This is also an extended tier cake, so additional time was taken to ensure the stability and finish. Finally the extra details and sweets were added to finish the look.

Cake Ingredients

For this cake we used two flavours. Our first was our chocolate fudge cake recipe, filled with rich chocolate ganache. for the other tier we used our white chocolate and raspberry sponge filled with creamy white chocolate ganache.

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