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Wedding Cake Facts

Price: £385

Price Breakdown:

6″ Round Vanilla – £50.00

8″ Round Vanilla – £75.00

10″ Round Vanilla – £100.00

Handmade Sugar Flowers – (2 days work) – £160.00

Portion Guide: 74

Simple 3 tier Wedding Cake with Cascading Flowers

Wedding Cake Project Brief

Wedding cakes with cascading flowers have always been popular and our Bride and Groom were keen to have flowers as their focal point on the cake. After many discussions with the florist the Bride settled on vintage roses for her bouquet and once we received confirmation we set about making them. After looking at many different examples of cascading flowers the Bride decided she preferred the cleanness of white flowers against the backdrop of a white cake.

How We Made The Wedding Cake

The cake itself was very simple to make, the majority of time was spent creating the roses. As there were so many flowers involved in the cake we came to a decision with the Bride to not make each rose individually wired, this was primarily done to reduce the time spent on each flower and subsequently reduce the cost. Once all the flowers had been made and dried we then began placing them on the cake, allowing them to set in place before delivering.

Wedding Cake Ingredients

As the cake was to be served after dinner and a dessert buffet, the cake was there to be served with tea and coffee and as such the Bride and Groom decided that a light vanilla cake filled with raspberry preserve and buttercream would work best.

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