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Wedding Cake Facts

Price: £786

Price Breakdown:

6″ Round Double Height Dummy Cake – £45.00

8″ Round Lemon & Raspberry – £95.00

10″ Round Banana and Caramel – £110.00

12″ Round Coconut and White Chocolate- £170.00

Sugar Model – £120.00

Pirate Ships – £70 (£20 each + £10 embellishment)

Painted Map – £25.00

Flowers – £17.99 each (x7)

Painted Ship – £20.00

Further Embellishments – £5.00

Portion Guide: 120

Marie Antoinette Inspired Pirate Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Project Brief

There is nothing more exciting than when a customer comes in with a clear theme and asks us to create a wedding cake from it, and this cake was no exception. Inspired by the amazing Cake Opera we enjoyed recreating a simplified design.

It is very rare that we are asked to create a cake that will encompass Marie Antoinette and a pirate-esque motif, however I think we achieved the look that the customers were after.

How We Made The Wedding Cake

The largest part of the cake is its main focal point, the Marie Antoinette figurine. The model itself is handmade from sugar, with royal icing being used to embellish the detailing on the dress. The hair is made from individual strands of sugar wrapped into a curl and placed on her head. the make-up and facial features are all hand painted.

The large painted boat motif on the side of the cake was created using edible food paints, and was done freehand to make sure it encompassed the cake correctly.

The small ornate pirate ships were handmade from sugar, with royal icing being used again to embellish the sails. The detailing was then painted in edible food paints.

The world map was painted using an old fashioned map as a guide, with embellishing in golds in order to combine the theme colours together. It was a nice addition to the bottom tier and as a design feature it worked well with the other elements.

As it was a wedding cake we felt that flowers were needed in the design. We thought parrot tulips gilded with gold would give the delicate yet Gothic effect that would fit in with the cakes overall look.

Wedding Cake Ingredients

As with the design of the cake, our bride and groom wanted to head away from the traditional cake flavours and instead go with some of their favourite flavour combinations.

For the largest tier we baked a coconut cake with a white chocolate and raspberry filling.

The second tier was a banana cake filled with dulce de leche and covered in a rich chocolate ganache.

For the third tier the customer asked us to make a tangy lemon and raspberry sponge, filled with fluffy lemon buttercream.

Due to the weight and intricate design of the model it was agreed that the top tier would remain as a fake polystyrene dummy which could then be removed before the cake was cut, and then cut and kept by our bride and groom.

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