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Wedding Cake Facts

Price: £592.5

Price Breakdown:

6″ Round Lemon and Raspberry – £65.00

8″ Square Double Height Polystyrene Dummy – £65.00

10″ Round White Chocolate and Raspberry – £135.00

12″ Square Chocolate Fudge  – £160.00

Moth Orchids – £15.99 each x 3

Pearls – £4.50

Gold Strips – £25.00

Polystyrene Dummy Decoration – £30.00

Additional Decoration time – £60.00

Portion Guide: 120

Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Project Brief

We were thrilled when someone came in and asked us to create a 1920s themed wedding cake to fit in with their “Great Gatsby” inspired day. After a few days of getting a little over excited over art deco designs, flapper dresses and ornate headbands we actually got to work and came up with a design to fit into our Bride and Grooms day. We were given a beautiful colour scheme to work with which was both decadent but understated and completely in-keeping with the times.

How We Made The Wedding Cake

When we do anything that requires symmetrical patterns we had to think about the best way to put the cake together. We agreed with the Bride and Groom that a polystyrene dummy cake would be essential to create a “wow” factor without the need for excess cake that wasn’t needed. With this in mind we decided to use a double height polystyrene dummy to create our art deco pattern, this gave us enough time to create and paint the design, all of which was done freehand, and also to keep the cake within budget.

The long gold strips were cut, dried and painted well in advance, making it simpler to put the pieces all together when we came to finishing the cake.
We used pearls and white moth orchids to break up the deep colours, it also just added that last finishing touch.

We loved the cake so much so that we needed up making a replica for our amazing cake artists 1920s themed birthday.

Wedding Cake Ingredients

The cake itself was a real mix of flavours, with the top tier a refreshing lemon and raspberry, and the bottom tier a decadent chocolate fudge cake filled with a rich chocolate ganache. For the remaining tier we made a vanilla sponge with raspberries and a white chocolate ganache filling.

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