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Quick Cake Facts

Price: £135

Used For: snowboarders birthday celebration

Portion Guide: 30

Wow Factor: A handmade mini chalet with a miniature snowboarder and personalised board.

Snow Boarding Cake

Cake Project Brief

We were given free range with this cake, and we enjoyed the challenge. We were given numerous pictures of the birthday boy, and more importantly his snowboard! We were asked to create something which would show his love of boarding, and I hope we achieved this.

How We Made The Cake

All the logs on the cabin were individually rolled and then imprinted with a wood grain effect. Once put on the cake they were then air brushed in order to give it a realistic look. The figure is handmade out of sugar, with the board being an exact replica of the birthday boys.

Cake Ingredients

A lot of chocolate and a lot of caramel, which kept all the sugar logs firmly in place!

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