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Quick Cake Facts

Price: £125

Used For: Tranformers Fan  

Portion Guide: 36

Wow Factor: 3d Transformer

Optimus Prime Transformers Cake

Cake Project Brief

We can make many favourite characters out of sugar and that's exactly what we did with this customer's request. We designed this cake to tie in with a Transformers theme and modelled the favorite - Optimus Prime!

How We Made The Cake

Due to the design and detail we started working on Optimus several days before he was needed, so that we had enough time to cut out and set all the pieces we needed to put him together. Once complete we worked on drying and shaping the buildings to stand up on top of the cake. Then we baked our cakes fresh in the shop and covered them ready for decorating. Finally we put our Optimus model and buildings on to the cake, to complete the design.

Cake Ingredients

For this cake we used our vanilla sponge recipe, filled with jam and fluffy buttercream

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