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Quick Cake Facts

Price: £80

Used For: Dory and Nemo Fans!

Portion Guide: 24

Wow Factor: 3D Dory Topper

Dory “Finding Nemo” Cake

Cake Project Brief

Some cartoons you will never get too old for and for a 20th birthday, our customer wanted us to create something with Dory from "Finding Nemo"! We designed this cool under-the-water themed cake with Dory as the cake topper.

How We Made The Cake

Before we make the cake we spend several hours crafting the 'Dory' topper. She was moulded and shaped into place and then left to set for adding to the cake later on. We then cut out and modelled some shells and seaweed decorations in various bright colours and left them to set. Finally our cake was baked, covered and the decorations added to complete the look!

Cake Ingredients

This cake was baked using our vanilla sponge recipe, filled with jam and fluffy buttercream

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