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Quick Cake Facts

Price: £125

Used For: Domino's Pizza Fans!

Nom Factor:

For Pizza lovers – the Domino’s Pizza Birthday Cake

Portion Guide: 40

Wow Factor: Realistic Looking!

Domino’s Pizza Birthday Cake

Cake Project Brief

Our customer wanted us to make a Domino's pizza cake, so we created this fun cake to look as realistic as possible! We absolutely love making food cakes and spend a lot of time getting them right. People never believe this is cake and not the real thing!!

How We Made The Cake

It generally takes us a day to make a cake look like a Domino's pizza! We hand make all the toppings to look realistic, focusing on colours, size and textures - sometimes even buying a pizza just so we can 'study it'. We also spend time creating a life-like box and cutting it all out in advance so that they are able to dry and hold firm in shape. Our cake is baked in vanilla and covered in a crust colour ready for decorating. We add the toppings on to the cake and sprinkle them about like we would the real thing. The cake is then painted and dusted to give it a cooked look. Finally we build the box around the cake to include the logo and the cake is complete.

Cake Options

All our cakes are available in a number of different flavours with options for everyone! If you like this idea but you’re not sure, give us a call to see what we can offer!

Cake Ingredients

Our cake was baked using our vanilla sponge, filled with jam and buttercream

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