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Quick Cake Facts

Price: £100

Used For: A really quirky birthday theme

Wow Factor: It has miniature Chinese take out on the table!

Big Bang Theory Birthday Cake

Cake Project Brief

Our customer came in and told us their son was a big fan of the tv programme The Big Bang Theory and asked if we could create something based around that idea, being fans of the show ourselves we jumped at the chance to make miniature Chinese take-out!

How We Made The Cake

Firstly we had to calm Amy down who gets excited about making anything in miniature, then we made a start on the Chinese take out and the sofas. Then we had to work out what "String Theory" was so we could write it on the whiteboards behind the sofas.

We are waiting for an avid "Friends" fan next, if anyone knows one?!

Cake Ingredients

I was going to make a joke about hydrons and atoms, but I don't know the chemical formula for Chocolate Fudge cake...

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